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Dr. Dee Preston-Dillon

Dr. Preston-Dillon is the founder and director of the Center for Culture and Sandplay and the Clinical Director of Mindology. She is an affiliated graduate faculty in George Washington University, Art Therapy program; Psychology Professor in University of Maryland Global Campus. 


A clinician educator, Dee’s 40 years teaching and clinical work anchor her immersive approach with clinicians and graduate students. She considers her life work a study of sand therapy as a projective process, incorporating cross-cultural, client-centered, and existential approaches. A master’s in counseling and a doctorate in psychology, her dissertation was a cross-cultural study of Sandplay, a qualitative analysis comparing indigenous and Jungian understanding of sand scenes.


Christy Huang LCPC

Ms. Christy, a certified trauma-informed psychotherapist, EMDR therapist, sex therapist, and certified yoga teacher, provides a comprehensive approach to healing.


Beyond specializing in trauma and sexuality, she adeptly addresses various diagnoses and life transition challenges. With a commitment to enhancing overall quality of life, Ms. Christy offers coaching services to empower individuals in becoming their best selves.


Her holistic and compassionate approach, rooted in trauma-informed care, emphasizes safety, collaboration, and empowerment. By seamlessly integrating talk therapy, somatic practices, and coaching, Ms. Christy guides clients towards resilience, post-traumatic growth, and a fulfilling life journey. Skillfully applying advanced certifications in EMDR, she addresses trauma and sexual concerns, while her expertise as a yoga teacher incorporates somatic practices like yoga, TRE, and somatic experiencing. This comprehensive toolkit fosters resilience, providing clients with the tools needed for holistic healing.


Emily Sunwoo
Therapist Intern

Emily Sunwoo completed her master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University. Her primary counseling approach revolves around Rogerian psychotherapy, which emphasizes the importance of perceiving clients as individuals before resorting to specific interventions. Emily adeptly allows her clients to guide the sessions, ensuring a safe and comfortable space for them to willingly express themselves.

Recognizing the individuality of each person's narrative and experiences, Emily incorporates a range of theories and techniques, in addition to person-centered therapy. These include cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness. Ultimately, her main objective is to foster hope and empower each of her clients.


Kristine Sweeney LMSW

Kristine is a licensed master of social work who specializes in working with adults impacted by trauma. She has received extensive training from some of the leading international experts in treating trauma. Kristine has experience in various settings: residential, in-patient, pastoral, community mental health, and private practice. She has 16+ years of experience in supporting people on their healing journey. Kristine utilizes brain and body-based modalities for treating complex developmental trauma, anxiety and depression. She is trained in EMDR therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Sandplay Therapy, while offering exercises in expressive arts, mindfulness, and grounding techniques. Kristine is an Internal Family Systems-informed therapist who incorporates parts work and a psychoeducational approach to self-discovery. Her therapeutic orientation is primarily rooted in attachment theory. Understanding the dignity and uniqueness of each and every person, Kristine seeks to facilitate human development, healing, and a deepened sense of self confidence in her clients.

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